EST. 2020


Arts for all strives to bring all kinds of art forms to all kinds of people at little to no cost..


Arts for All is an organization founded by 16 year old Duke Ellington School of the Arts student, Ella Hinds. AFA strives to bring all kinds of art forms to all kinds of people at little to no cost. We have recently hosted free dance classes over Instagram live, a high school vocal arts competition where 50% of the entry fee went to the Black Lives Matter Organization and a virtual cabaret that raised over 1,500$ in donations for AFA as well as the World Health Organization COVID-19 relief fund. Ella plans to expand Arts for All over the course of her life in virtual and in-person settings.


Petra says...

"Arts For All has given me an opportunity to really work on my acting! I am a vocal major, so I sing  everyday, but acting really helps me performance wise, getting out of comfort zone. AFA managed to help me with that in a really fun and easy way!!"

Matteo says...

"The best part of Arts For All is the detail and effort put in by its astounding CEO, Ella Hinds. My experience with AFA has been a short one, but in these few weeks I’ve improved as an actor through AFA’s help and experience. From joining a play to performing in a performance, AFA’s opportunities are endless and deserve far more recognition. I cannot fathom the amazing work going on at AFA, and I’m so lucky to be a part of it!"

Sean says...

"Arts 4 All is a wonderful organization that has a very poignant mission; “To bring all kinds of art forms to all kinds of people at little to no cost.” Now more than ever we all need art and creativity in our lives and AFA strives to ensure that everyone regardless of race, social class, or identity, has access to beautiful art. That spirit of philanthropy and selfless-giving drew me into the organization initially and I’ve enjoyed working alongside AFA ever since. Their projects have allowed me to see continual growth in my artistry, and I know that the end products will not only be a milestone for me, but the proceeds of AFA performances always go to an amazing cause! I treasure the time I’ve had with AFA because I know that I am improving with every rehearsal and that I have been, and will continue to touch so many with my art. I think that everyone should find a means to use their gifts for the good of others, and if you are an artist, Arts 4 All is a great way of doing just that!"